January 11th- February 7th

Andreas Behn-Eschenburg, Sighle Bhreathnach-Cashell, Michael Blättler, Sabine Hagmann, David Sherry, Susannah Stark, Jo Tomlison, Guy Veale, Julia Wäckerlin, Catherine Xu


Curated by Polina Chizhova & James Stephen Wright


“Artistic activity is a game”

as says Nicolas Bourriaud in the first line of his publication Relational Aesthetics . So can be curatorship. First shred the book. Divide it in ten parts. Then play the game – buy ten ingredients selected by the dice. Blend each tenth with a different ingredient for the duration requested by the dice. Pull out a few lines.
Go out. Roll for a direction. Roll for how many shops to see before entering one. Roll for the colour. Finally roll for the price. Buy the object. Repeat ten times. Scan each poem and object. Print ten individual scripts. Book-bind them. The preparation is now finished.

Now invite ten artists. Don’t tell them anything. Give them a script each and a week.


With thanks to:

Jane Allan, James Farlam, Malcolm Murdoch, The Market Gallery,
George Thompson, Robbie Thomson.

Bourriaud, Nicolas : Relational Aesthetics, les presses du réel, 2002, p. 11.

Documentation photography by Tian Khee Siong